Academic Calendar

October 2017

Sunday 01 Independence Day***
Tuesday 03 Inaugural Mass for returning DI students. Orientation for Incoming Theology Students follows immediately

Students’ course registration is compulsory for all students

Wednesday 04 Lectures begin for returning DI students.
Thursday 05 Management Meeting [Time: 4:00pm]
Friday 06 All Teaching Staff Meeting [Time:3:00pm]

November 2017

Wednesday 01 All Saints [LECTURE/WORK FREE DAY]
Monday 06 M. A. Thesis Proposal(Deadline for Submission)
Wednesday 09 Public Lecture [4:00pm]
Thursday 16 DI Board of Advisors= Meeting [Time: 3:00pm]
Friday 24 General Meeting of D.I. Students [Time: 3:00pm]

December 2017

Monday 08 Submission of Draft Questions for 1st Semester Examinations
Friday 15 End of Pre-Christmas Lectures.End of the Year Party

Christmas Break begins

January 2018

Monday 08 Resumption of Lectures
Thursday 11 Academic Board announces decision on M.A. Thesis Proposal
Friday 19 General Meeting of D.I. Students [Time: 3:00 pm]
Friday 26 Last day of Lectures for Returning DI students

February 2018

Monday 05 DI First Semester Examination begins.
Friday 16 DI Examination ends


February 2018

Monday 26 DI Students Begin Second Semester Lectures.
March 2018
Friday 02 Submission of Long Essay Proposal by 300 level DI Students
 Friday  09  Deadline for the submission of all Long Essays to Essay Moderators
 Friday  23  Last day of Pre-Easter Lectures, DI Students’ General Meeting [Time: 12-2 pm], Easter Break follows immediately

April 2018

Monday 09 Lectures resume
Friday 13 Deadline for Submission of all moderated Essays to the HODs
 Monday  16  Submission of Draft Questions for 2nd Semester Examinations

May 2018

Tuesday 01 St. Joseph the Worker [LECTURE/WORK FREE DAY]
Friday 11 Submission of Draft Questions for 2nd Semester Examinations
 Wednesday  30  Annual Graduation Lecture [4.00 pm]
 Thursday  31  Students’ Week Activities [No lectures]

June 2018

Friday 01 Students’ Week Activities Continues [No lectures]
Thursday 07 Board of Advisors’ Meeting [Time: 3:00pm]
June 2018
Friday 08 DI Students End Second Semester Lectures
Friday 08 Academic Council Meeting [Time: 3:00pm]
Monday 11 B.Th Examinations
Saturday 14 End-of-Session Faculty and Staff Meeting with Students (To Assess the Academic Year and Plan for the Next), [Time: 10:00 am]
 Monday  18 DI Students Begin 2nd Semester Examinations
Tues. & Wed 26 &27 B.Th Examinations
Wed. & Fri 27&29 M.A. Comprehensive Examinations
Saturday 30 DI Students End 2nd Semester Examinations. DI Students Begin Long Vacation.