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The graduating students of the Department of Philosophy organized the yearly graduation lecture which took place on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at the Tom and Carolyn Walker Hall of the Institute. The 2018 Graduation Lecture titled, “Philosophizing in the Age of Technology: A Disconnect between Town and Gown?” was delivered by Prof. Francis Ofor, the head of the Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan.
This intellectually-enriching event played host to students from other academic institutions, namely the Seminary of Saints Peter and Paul, Bodija, Ibadan, and the University of Ibadan. It was equally graced by eminent philosophers from Nigeria’s premiere university, namely Prof. Isaac Ukpokolo and Prof. C. Agulanna. Also present at the lecture was the President of the Institute, Rev. Dr Emeka Nwosuh, and the Registrar, Rev. Fr Samuel Onyiba, and the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Rev. Dr Joseph Ekong.The lecture was moderated by Dr Victoria Akoleowo.

The speaker, Prof. Ofor, clearly noted that, even in an age of rapid technological advancement, the task of philosophizing remains germane to the foundational, ethical considerations in technological research and the proper use of technology for human advancement. It is the task of philosophers to guide the society in critical deliberations towards humanizing technological progress.