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Cyril Orji is an Associate Professor of theology at the University of Dayton, OH, USA. He specializes in systematic and fundamental theology, with particular emphasis on the theology and philosophy of Bernard Lonergan, which he brings in conversation with works of the American pragmatist and semiotician, Charles Sanders Peirce.

Dr. Orji also collaborates in interreligious dialogue and the intersection of religion and culture (inculturation, post-colonial critical theory and Black and African theologies) and engages in communal practices of communicative theology in the development of local/contextual theologies.

He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals/ he is the author of A Semiotic Approach To The Theology Of Inculturation(2015), An Introduction To Religious And Theological Studies(2015), The Catholic University And The Search For Truth(2013) and Ethnic And Religious Conflicts In Africa: An Analysis Of Bias And Conversion Based On The Work of Bernard Lonergan (2008), He is a member of the American Theological Society.

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