Judgment, Justice and Mercy: God’s Attributes From Old and New Testament Perspectives


This piece of work will take the path of orthopraxy, analyzing the points theologically from the revelatory starting point of view; en route sequential thinking.

The aim of this article is to make explicit the theological understanding of God’s attributes of judgment, justice and mercy which are also human qualities and propose them as sine qua non which the leaders and followers must pursue in obedience to Christian calling.

In this article, we shall proceed with the understanding of these attributes from the biblical perspective wherein the semantic meaning of judgment, justice and mercy are explicated; we shall examine how judgment comes upon souls according to Catholic traditional viewpoint; thereafter, we shall examine the synergy between judgment, justice and mercy, we shall explore the demonstration of Bernard of Clairvaux of the two feet of God, and make some applications of these virtues in the light of our contemporary; we shall look at the structural injustice in Nigeria,; and then offer some recommendations before arriving at our conclusion.

Key words: Divine judgment, God’s justifying judgment, mercy, justice, Purgatory, Particular judgment, Continuous judgment, General judgment, God’s two feet

Sr. Margaret Fagbamigbe, SSMA