MA Admission Requirements


For admission into the M.A. Theology programme of the Dominican Institute, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Student must possess at least five credit at O/L including English Language.
  • Possess at least a second class lower degree, ordinarily the D.I. B.Th. in Theology;
  • A score of at least 55% (C+) in the Dominican Institute compulsory courses or their equivalents elsewhere.
  • A practical knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Latin.
  • A reading knowledge of one modern language besides English, as stated in 4 above.
  • If there is any question about No. 2, the Dominican Institute may examine the candidate’s knowledge in the areas in question.
  • If the candidate has scored less than 55% in any of the compulsory B. Th. courses, he or she will be required to do remedial work.
  • If the candidate’s first degree is not in Theology, the candidate must first take at least two years of preliminary courses in theology, in addition to certain core philosophy courses (if these are lacking), as the Admissions Board shall work out in each case.
  • In the absence of any satisfactory evidence regarding Nos. 3 and 4, the Dominican Institute shall conduct an examination in the language concerned.


To be awarded the M.A. degree, candidates must fulfill the following

  • A total of 30 credit units of course work comprising 6 in Systematic Theology, 6 in Historical Theology, 6 in Moral Theology, 3 units in Old Testament, 3 units in New Testament, and 6 units for the M.A. dissertation;
  • Write and pass at the end of the program a comprehensive examination in Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology and Moral Theology. The results will be graded by examiners at Duquesne and at the Institute.
  • The maximum number of years for writing and submitting a Dissertation is four (4) years. At the expiration of this period, a candidate will need to apply to the Academic Board of the Institute for an extension. It is the prerogative of the Board to grant this request or not and to set new conditions.
  • The program will be deemed inconclusive if a candidate fails to submit his/her Dissertation as at when due and hence will not be qualified to receive any certificate.