MA Duration


The Program has an ordinary duration of two (2) to four (4) semesters of course work/seminar presentations. Candidates without any background in theology will be required to undertake a minimum of four semesters course work in theology and philosophy prior to enrolling in the M.A. program proper. This requirement may be fulfilled through closely supervised distance learning program. The M.A. program must be done in loco given that it is largely a seminar-based program.


  • Last Friday in October of New Academic Year
    Modern language examination for those who have not met requirements
  • First Friday in November
    Submission of Thesis proposal to the Head of Department. Failure or delay in submitting may entail being dropped from the M.A. programme. Please collect the format for submission from the office of the Head of Department.
  • Last Wednesday and Friday in November
    Resit of Comprehensive Examination for candidates who failed the June Comprehensive Exams.
  • December
    Academic Board announces decision on thesis proposals
  • Last Wednesday and Friday of June (of the Academic Year)
    Comprehensive Exams.
  • October of the Following Year
    Thesis due for submission. Delay in submitting will require registration and payment for another session.